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Miss Kick FC

Women's Pre-Professional Soccer League                                                            Irvine, California

March 2024 - current

  • Established Non-profit entity

  • Board member

SoCal Reds FC                                                                                                       Irvine, California

Women's Pre-Professional Soccer League

March 2023 - June 2023

  • Regional Playoffs - Phx, AZ


Miss Kick FC                                                                                                             Irvine, California

Women's Pre-Professional Soccer League

March 2022-July 2022

  • Brand represented from Manchester, England 

  • First season in USA

  • Went to the Regional Finals - SF, CA

  • Finalists in WPSL


Los Angeles Galaxy

United Women’s Soccer Association                                                                       Irvine, California February 2018-October 2019

  • First professional women’s team in California

  • Traveled local and out of country competitive games (Ontario. Canada)

  • Head Coach Scott Juniper of University of California, Irvine


  • Paid athlete 

Santos Futebol Clube

CBF Professional Soccer Team Player                                                                 São Paulo, Brazil

October 2016- May 2017

  • Moved to Rio without commitment to a professional team, signed with an agent 

  • Negotiated professional player contracts with the club and agent

  • Focused on success in becoming a professional in a different county

  • First American Female to travel overseas for São Paulo, Brazil and play with Santos FC

  • Stayed committed for a year contract

  • Overcoming challenges and rising to the challenge

  • Paid athlete

University of California, Santa Barbara                                                        Santa Barbara, California

Second-Year Transfer Team Player

July 2012-June 2016

  • Played in 16 games in the first season, competing at a Division-1 level and mentoring freshman class

  • Head Coach Paul Stumpf


  • Practice up to 30 hours per week plus traveling while maintaining full course load and competitive GPA

  • Full time academic course schedule, 15 or more credit hours per quarter

  • Women’s Soccer SAAB (Student Athlete Advisory Board Treasurer) 2013-2015

    • Nominated into this position by the Athletic Board and captions from each UCSB sport team

    • Organized meetings and fundraisers for UCSB athletic department

    • Tracked and prepared expense reports for all necessary departments

    • Managed manual and electronic documents and reports

    • Assisted with annual budget processes

    • Worked with Marketing on team events and/or games

    • Created presentations of innovating ideas 

    • All projects DURING school year AND soccer season while traveling for games and practicing daily utilizing high volume multitasking skills 


The Ohio State University                                                                                         Columbus, Ohio

Scholarship Athlete

September 2011-June 2012

  • Advanced to the Sweet 16 against Duke at Duke — Head Coach Lori Walker - Hock

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